F. Lee Angus Jr. DDS

A Division of Central Virginia Dental Care, PLC



Our aim is to provide each patient with the finest care in a professional environment that inspires trust and confidence. We have learned that a patient follows the doctor’s recommendation in direct proportion to the level of trust perceived to exist between the doctor and employees. We therefore encourage you to share your ideas, opinions and feelings as we believe that open communication will ultimately enhance patient care.

A professional practice is a business that must be managed efficiently and profitably if we are to continue serving our community with quality treatment. We strive:

  • To help our patients achieve the highest level of health possible
  • To be committed to excellence in all of our services to the patient
  • To treat the patient’s needs with the highest level of care, skill, and comfort
  • To participate enthusiastically, honestly, and positively in all areas of the practice
  • To change, grow, and evolve with our profession and society
  • To foster an environment that supports and encourages all of the above

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